Self-made plant protection on organic farm

AF Chico

On the project participants Francisco and Neide de Assis Neto’s farm in the rural south of Brazil all pesticides are biological. Amongst others, the farmers grow a strong chili which they use to mix a remedy for bugs.

The organic farmers Francisco and Neide de Assis Note harvest on average 3.000 lettuces per week. However, they sustain their production without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Compost, biological crop protection and other organic agriculture techniques keep up a healthy and steady growth.

In order to keep pests at bay, Francisco knows some special natural remedies. He prepares them at home and sprays them on his crops when necessary. In one of his remedies the main agent is a strong chili which he growns on a corner of his farm.

The couple also works with hedgerows and beneficial herbs close to the vegetable beds. These plants have an repelling effect on several types of pests or attract their natural enemies. Furthermore, Francisco and Neide focus intesively on the quality of the soil. They employ crop rotation in order to avoid soil erosion.