Partnership with nursery

High-quality seedlings are Thais Copola’s business. She runs a nursery in Biritiba Mirim, a neighbouring city of São Paulo and decided to donate parts of her production to CITIES WITHOUT HUNGER’s school gardens. The entrepreneur wants to foster and support the project’s positive social impact.

Summercrisp, looseleaf, romaine, iceberg or baby leaf are just some of the numerous sorts of lettuce which Thais Copola grows in her greenhouses. The young entrepreneur supplies São Paulo’s green belt (Mogi das Cruzes, Suzano and Itaquaquecetuba) with all sorts of seedlings.

Two years ago she started the nursery which is equipped with sophisticated machinery to provide high quality at a constant rate. However, demand can vary and it happens that hundreds of seedlings do not find their way to the field because they have grown too much and do not comply with her clients’ high quality standards.

Unsatisfied with this situation Ms Copola looked for alternative ways to make use of the spare seedlings. She found CITIES WITHOUT HUNGER on social networks and proposed a long-term partnership.

Since last year’s December CITIES WITHOUT HUNGER uses the valuable seedlings donations in its School Gardens Project.