Investments in smallholder farms ensure fair prices

CITIES WITHOUT HUNGER helped Rüdiger Temp and other small family farmers to build two cooling chambers which enable them to further diversify their businesses. There the farmers can store their produce and sell it by and by to bigger cities when supply is low.

The 42 year old farmer has already planted everything from cabbage to black beans, tomatoes and water melons on his farm in Agudo, a small city in the countryside of Rio Grande do Sul state. However, the farm is only prospering since he built two cooling chambers where CITIES WITHOUT HUNGER helped him.

A large part of his harvest Temp can now freeze and store on his property. Other smallholder farmers joined in, too and now store their produce in order to achieve fairer prices on the market and not be solely dependent on middlemen.

Recently, the farmers formed a partnership with a supermarket in the next larger city Santa Maria. They can now offer their produce directly to customers, avoiding middlemen and approximating the producer to the consumer.

This year the participants of this project have already sold more than 100.000 kg of frozen manioc from the cooling chambers. The model ensures that a fair part of the value stays with the farmers.