Curative herbs

The São Mateus community garden in São Paulo’s periphery grows numerous medicinal herbs. The two urbanists Julia Masagão and Andrea Bandoni have mapped them and presented a chart with selected medical plants from the garden at the urbanXchanger conference in Berlin. 

Genival de Moraes participates in the Community Gardens Project since 2009. The urban farmer has profound knowledge of the curative effects of a wide range of plants. In every corner of his garden, where he does not plant food he grows medical plants. Many members of the local community ask for his advice with health problems.

His wife Sebastiana, too, is an expert on the medical benefits of certain plants. She uses the flower of the banana tree and some other ingredients to produce an organic cough syrup, which can also be consumed to prevent bronchitis.

The great diversity of medical herbs in Genival and Sebastiana’s garden fascinated the two urbanists Julia Masagão and Andrea Bandoni and inspired them to  document them as part of the urbanXchanger project. They took photos and created a chart with short descriptions of the plants health benefits. The work, which was developed together with Senhor Genival was presented at the urbanXchanger conference in Berlin on 1st of March 2016.